Workpost Professional Directory

What is it?

The Workpost Directory is a user-generated listing of service providers, organized by location and category. Service providers included in the directory are required to allow reviews of their businesses.

Why should you join?

The Workpost Pro Directory is free to join, free to search and can help bring extra visibility to businesses and service professionals. The set-up and maintenance of accounts is easy and the listings are controlled at the account level and can be changed at any time.

Pros can choose whether or not they want to be included in the Workpost Directory and reviewed. Many contractor and service company review sites are going let clients and customers rate you whether you like it or not. At Workpost, you will at least have the power to control your own listing and respond to reviews.

There are two sides to every story. If a client wants to negatively review a pro, that's fine, they can provide information relevant to the work that was actually done (or not done) and fire away. But once a client has initiated a negative review, pros should be free to respond, explain the situation and perhaps review the client as well.

Why allow reviews?

We want the best, most reputable service providers to be listed in the Workpost Directory. A review system will help achieve this goal, provide incentives for quality pros to want to be in the directory and encourage others to voluntarily withdraw. The Workpost Directory may never be the largest directory but it will hopefully be a quality source of information people can rely on.

Creating a useful, fair and unbiased review system is difficult but we are willing to tackle the problem. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us.

Why create a directory?

Since many visitors to the first version of we launched back in February 2008 were professionals looking to post services offered, we created a new "pro" user class with expanded fields for business information and an online directory based on the pro accounts. Allowing users to only post work was not enough.

To be included in the free Workpost Pro Directory, please create a pro account.

The Workpost 1000

The first 1000 to sign up for Workpost pro accounts will be listed on a special link page. To be included, you need to have a website we can link to.

As we grow, we'll find ways to reward those who gave early versions of Workpost a chance. Thanks.

The Workpost 1000